Important Information!

for Marathoners


VIP Drive Thru Packet Pick Up

Marathoners get free admission to VIP drive-thru packet pick up on Thursday October 26th at Carolina Triathlon, 123 Welborn Street (off Hudson Street just west of downtown). VIP packet pick up is open from 4pm to 8pm. We will have your packet ready, but we ask that you not pick up for more than 5 individuals or the system will bog down. Enter Welborn Street from Hudson Street and follow closely behind the vehicle in front of you. We will get your information as you approach the pick-up tents, and a runner will bring your packet including the shirt size listed on your registration. Note: We do not allow shirt size changes at packet pick-up. You will have the opportunity to exchange for a different shirt size after the race.

Friday Packet Pick Up

Friday Packet Pick Up will be at the Kroc Center of Greenville, 424 Westfield Street from noon to 7:30pm. All parking will be on Hudson Street about 1/4 mile west of the Kroc. Come to the main ballroom. NEW THIS YEAR: If you are collecting for more than 5 people, come to the GROUP PICK UP table. This will allow the normal pick up tables to run more efficiently.

Pre-Race Bus Transportation

Departs from: Greenville County Square (Main entrance), 301 University Ridge

If you decide to park at County Square, you can ride the PRE-RACE bus to Furman. We will make 3 trips on Saturday morning – 5:15am, 5:45am and 6:30am. The PRE-RACE bus is limited to 168 total marathoners. You can register for the PRE-RACE bus below. There is no charge if you use the Coupon Code "marathon-rider". Hurry, PRE-RACE bus registration will close when the maximum number of 168 passengers is reached.

USE COUPON CODE "marathon-rider"

Post-Race Bus Transportation

Departs from: Greenville County Square (Main entrance), 301 University Ridge

If you decide to park at Furman’s Timmons Arena, you can ride the POST-RACE bus back to Furman. It will make 4 trips – 11:15am, 12pm, 12:45pm, and 1:30pm. The fare is free with no extra charge for that bone tired but satisfying feeling you will have on the ride back.

Race Day Packets, Gear Check, and Start at Furman

Race Day Packet pick up is at TIMMONS ARENA, NOT FLUOR FIELD! Come in the main entrance and you will see the tables. Sorry there is no race day registration.

Marathon Gear Check is at TIMMONS ARENA, NOT FLUOR FIELD! We will have a UHaul truck parked outside the arena. We will supply white trash bags. Write your race bib number on the outside of the trash bag, then put your gear in the bag. We will put your bag on the truck and take it to Fluor Field. DO NOT STORE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR BAG!

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon starts in front of Timmons Arena at 7:30am. Sam Inman is the emcee. Follow Sam’s instructions and follow the Spinx bike leaders.

Relay Teams

The relay handoff location is the City Gazebo located on Main Street in downtown Travelers Rest. There is convenient parking near the gazebo. Anchor leg runners should arrive not later than 8:30am and sign in at the check-in table at the gazebo. Please make a mental note of what your teammate is wearing, so you can spot them from a distance and shout out as they approach. Your teammate must slap your hand or make contact in some other way before you can leave!

If relay team members are willing to let their teammate drive their car, this greatly simplifies the transportation issue by using this approach: The team drives to Furman in one car. The anchor leg runner watches teammate start the race, then leaves Furman and drives to the T.R. gazebo (handoff location). The anchor leg runner leaves the key at the gazebo check-in table. After the handoff, we give the key to their teammate. Teammate drives back to County Square and parks, then goes to see teammate finish at Fluor Field.

If relay team members don’t have a car or can’t drive, the only option is for the team to take a taxi to Furman or catch the PRE-RACE bus. If necessary, we will have someone at Furman to take anchor leg runners to T.R. and transport first leg runners to Fluor Field. However, keep in mind this will be a slow process and we can’t guarantee we can get first leg relay runners back to Fluor Field in time to see their teammate finish.



Marathon Course Details

Note: See DETAILED MAP in middle of this page!

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon consists of:
Furman Loop #1 (miles 1 to 3)
T.R. Out and Back (miles 4 to 15)
Furman Loop #2 (miles 16 to 19)
Furman to Greenville (mile 20 to Finish)

Furman Loop #1 has many turns. The course takes you through the middle of campus, around the lake, back through the middle of campus, then north out the back gate.

T.R. Out and Back takes you through the Green Valley area and is relatively hilly up to mile 10. Mile 10 is the north terminus of the Swamp Rabbit Trail and the elevation graph starts to flatten out once you hit the trail. The midway point of the race and relay hand off point is at or near the City Gazebo in downtown Travelers Rest. After passing the gazebo, you are about 2.5 miles from the Furman back gate.

Furman Loop #2 has many turns. The course takes you back through North Housing along the same route (but in the opposite direction) as before. When you get to the Library, you will take a left and head toward the stadium. After looping around the stadium, you will make your way back to the Library, then follow the same route around the lake as before. At the dam, you will leave Furman and get on the SRT heading toward Greenville.

Furman to Greenville is arguably the only point-to-point part of the race. It is a net downhill and there is no climbing except for a steep railroad overpass on Washington Street at mile 23.5 and the gradual rise on River Street and S. Main to the finish. We always get hate mail about the railroad bridge, but it saves runners from getting stopped by a train, which has happened twice in the past.

Course Monitors, Marking, Directions & Mileage

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon course has many turns, especially inside Furman. We have done our best to put monitors at key locations to keep runners going in the right direction. At many places however, it makes more sense to place markings or signage…

The singular method used to mark the course is directional arrows marked on the pavement using white paint or white tape. The arrows will be fresh and obvious. DISREGARD ANY FADED OR WORN-OUT LOOKING MARKINGS!

We will also place directional arrow signs staked in the ground. The signs are roughly 18” X 12” with a black directional arrow on a white background. The first rule of navigation is to look for the pavement arrow first. If you don’t see a pavement arrow, then look for a directional sign. If no pavement markings or directional signs exist, then keep going straight, this is not a turn.

Mile markers are similar in size to the directional arrows. We can’t guarantee a mile marker at every mile. We put them up over several days of course preparation and sometimes they get taken. The halfway point of the marathon is at or near the T.R. gazebo and will be clearly marked.

Aid Stations, Nutrition and Toilets

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon has 10 aid stations:
Miles 1.7, 4.0, 8.0, 10.0, 13.1, 15.0, 18.2, 21, 23, & 25.2
All aid stations will have a choice of water or green (lemon lime) Gatorade.

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon is a BYON race - BRING YOUR OWN NUTRITION! We do not hand out gel or energy bars, except at packet pick up. Only sub-humans can run well without refueling, so pack a bar or two.

The Swamp Rabbit Marathon has multiple restrooms and portable toilet (P/T) locations:
Start line – Timmons Arena restrooms
Mile 1.7 – Restrooms @ aid station
Mile 4.0 – P/T @ aid station
Mile 10.0 – P/T @ aid station
Mile 13.1 – P/T @ aid station
Mile 15.0 – P/T @ aid station
Mile 18.2 – Restrooms @ aid station
Mile 21 – P/T @ aid station
Mile 23 – P/T @ aid station

Medical Attention

Spinx Run Fest is proud to have Bon Secours St. Francis Sports Medicine at our event. If you or somebody else is having difficulty on the course, help is only a short distance away. If a runner needs help, please relay the information to someone at the nearest aid station. They will call St. Francis Sports Medicine.

Post-Race for Marathoners

Swamp Rabbit Marathon finishers get special treatment after the race. You will receive a marathon medal, souvenir beer mug, and souvenir pint glass at the finish line. Someone will also hand you a cold bottle of water. Post race food for marathoners only is located at the 500 club near the Field Street entrance. The gear truck is a short distance away outside the Field Street entrance.

Instant Awards

Due to the difficulty of scheduling awards ceremonies for 5 races, we have adopted the “instant awards” concept. An electronic results & awards board is located in the 500 club. If you see your name on the awards board, please come to the awards stage at the Main entrance to claim your prize at any time. If you are the male or female winner of the race, please stick around. You will be called to first base around 10:45am to receive your special award from Stewart Spinks.

ULTRA Post-Race Party at Mac's

Swamp Rabbit Marathon finishers are invited to the ULTRA post-race party at Mac’s Speed Shop, 930 S. Main St. (directly across from the stadium) from 11am to 2pm. Legal age marathoners will be treated to free Michelob ULTRA, limit two per runner. YOU WILL BE CARDED SO BRING YOUR ID! ALSO BRING YOUR BIB SO WE CAN VERIFY YOUR MARATHON ENTRY! Mac’s will offer special prices on terrific menu items including delicious hickory smoked BBQ.

Hot Showers Available

Hot showers are available at the Kroc Center of Greenville, 424 Westfield Street, located 3 blocks west of Fluor Field. Take Markley Street to Academy and you will see the building across Academy. The cost is $5. BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL!


Finally... A Detailed Map!

A long time in the making.

This Event has Some Serious SWAG!

We did a lot more than just upgrade our course...

We put a lot of work into making this your favorite marathon.

Get the Good Stuff. If you're going to put in the effort required to run our marathon, you should get VIP treatment and some great swag to show for it. That's why every Swamp Rabbit Marathon and Marathon Relay participant receives:

  • VIP drive-thru early packet pick up
  • free bus transportation to Furman
  • a high quality technical shirt
  • a collectible Swamp Rabbit beer stein
  • a beautiful finisher medal
  • deluxe refreshment area and free access to ULTRA garden

Be a Rock Star. The Greenville Track Club has completely revamped the 2019 Swamp Rabbit Marathon and is devoting all its energy into making the event the best it can be. We know details are important, whether its making sure everyone gets to the start line or whether everyone gets a cold bottle (or two) of water at the finish line. We want to give you the best experience possible, short of running your race for you - that's your job.